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    It was Robin Williams, a leading American actor and comedian. To get his attention creatively, I fanned out the books I had in my hand and waved them near his face as he walked toward me.
    Startled, he smiled at me. “Quickly,” I said, “tell me what you see.”
    “Books—but that’s not what you’re going to say, right?”
    “True. What I am showing you is the key to the past, present, and future. And with this key, you can dissolve all anxiety.”
    “You have good improvisational skills. You should be an evangelist.” Read more ›


    Jammu and Kashmir floods – What went wrong? A Krisha conscious solution


    It may sound childish or perhaps insensitive if one asks why such natural disasters take place and who is responsible. The replies could range from a quick laughter to a strong criticism, from environmental analysis to geographical calculations, and from global warming to political wrangling. They will go on arguing and spending billions on preventing natural disasters but the bitter truth is, none of their attempts can stop such harsh actions of the nature. The reason is simple- disobedience of God’s laws. People are trying to be happy without following universal laws, which are strictly implemented under the direction of the Supreme Lord. Not possible. Read more ›


    Ladies Sanga (at Radha Krishna Soho St Temple) (3 min video)


    For ladies looking to strenghen their spiritual search & practice in
    the welcoming company of other ladies, the Ladies Sanga program
    is held fortnightly in the seminar room of Radha Krishna Soho St
    Temple acting as an informal introduction to Krishna Consciusness
    for beginners or as a bonding session for those who are already
    walking steadily the path of devotional service.

    Song featured in this video:
    -Vrindavan Ramya Sthana by Bir Krishna Goswami Read more ›


    Iskcon Delhi Bhakti Vriksha Maha Milan 2014 (Album 21 photos)


    Krishna’s Lila in Vrndavana is prakata or manifest Lila, and the same is going on eternally in the spiritual realm, which is known as aprakata or nonmanifest. Krishna’s planet and Krishna’s pastimes are going on eternally, and the same is manifested before the conditioned souls at certain intervals, once in one day of Brahma, exactly as the sun is visible for 12 hours once a 24 hour cycle of and night. When the sun is visible it is called prakata, and when the sun is not visible that is called aprakata or unmanifested.  Nonmanifested therefore does not mean there is no existence, but the terms are used in relation to the visibility or nonvisibility to the limited conditioned souls. Letter to Shyamasundara, May 14, 1970. Read more ›


    Niranjana Swami – kirtan and lecture in Boston, USA – 9/19/2014 (video)


    The mango fruit is different from the name of the mango. One cannot taste the
    mango fruit simply by chanting, “Mango, mango, mango.” But the devotee who
    knows that there is no difference between the name and form of the Lord chants
    Hare Krishna, and realizes that he is always in Krishna’s company.
    (Srimad-Bhagavatam, 10.2.36 Purport). Read more ›


    Swami feigns ignorance to help a soul…


    Bhaktimarga Swami: At the street light by Bloor a young fellow, obviously from small-town Ontario, with his two buddies, inquired about directions. “Can you tell us where the strip club is?” Although I knew a location due to it being on my regular walking route, I feigned ignorance. “Listen, we’re monks!” I held up my meditation beads to point out our endeavour towards other-worldliness. The fellow shrugged his shoulders and eagerly pranced ahead of us with his two buddies. Read more ›


    Iskcon Gold Coast Bhakti Centre, Toowoomba Festival of Flowers Rathayatra (Album 68 photos)


    The devotees from ISKCON Bhakti Centre Gold Coast participated in the 67th “festival of flowers” parade in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. The Bhakti Centre Rath Cart built by Janmejaya Prabhu was decorated by HG Dhruva Prabhu and HG Sukla Mataji. HH Ramai Swami led the kirtan and opening ceremonies. Devotees from New Govardhana, the Bhakti Centre and the local area participated in the parade..It was a grand success!! over 65000 people attended the festival. Everyone was spellbound by the beauty of their Lordships and the wonderful flower bedecked Rath Cart. Jai Jaganatha!!! Jai Srila Prabhupada!!! Read more ›