Yamuna Boat Festival 2017

By Deena Bandhu das On Saturday evening March 18, ISKCON Vrinda Kunda very ecstatically celebrated the annual Yamuna Boat Festival on the opposite side of Yamuna from Sringar Vat. All the devotees gathered at Srila Prabhupada's Samadhi in the afternoon... Mar 21, 2017

Our Vaikuntha Children

By Hari Priya Devi Dasi On the 24th of February the Institute for Spiritual Culture conducted their annual program in Mayapur. This year the overall theme was "The Glories of Our Vaikuntha Children", bringing attention to the importance of moving our c... Mar 21, 2017

Santipur Utsav

By Nila Kamal das Kitchari prasad was served throughout the day till after 5pm. It was wonderful to see the leaders in our movement serving prasad to the locals, everyone who witnessed this also became enthusiastic to serve. At one point it was noted t... Mar 10, 2017

Sannyasa Waiting List

By Brajsunder Das GBC Minutes 2017 - Sannaysa Waiting List. The following are the candidates for sannyasa along with their respective waiting periods. "During the time of Lord Chaitanya, the influence of Shankaracarya in society was very strong. People... Mar 06, 2017