Fatalism or Pragmatism?

By Chaitanya Charana Dasa The Ramayana features an emotionally and intellectually riveting conversation about the interplay of destiny and human initiative. This conversation occurred at one of the epic's defining moments: the moment when Rama, about t... Mar 18, 2017

Loving relationships

By Romapada Swami The relationship gets closer, and when the relationship gets closer you find out all the good, the bad and mixed about the person. Those of you that are married know that what I am talking about. You find all about the weaknesses and ... Mar 13, 2017

Journey Back Home

By Purushottam Kumar Yudhisthira, an Indian king, who ruled about 5000 years ago once said that the most astonishing thing in this world is that people see others are dying every moment but they never ever believe that one day they too would die Read M... Mar 09, 2017