Principles of Freedom

By Rukmini Devi Dasi The sad irony is how little we actually have to do with our choices. The Bhagavad-gita gives an eyeopening account of the many voices behind the "I" that makes a choice and the powers that influence them. You're walking down the st... Feb 19, 2017

ISKCON and Modernity

By Shaunaka Rsi dasa A lecture, given in Iskcon DC, Potomac. What is Iskcon's position in relation to the democratic system of government? Is it true that the brahmanas adopt anarchy, ksatriyas adopt monarchy, vaisyas apply capitalism and sudras follo... Feb 12, 2017

Can I get out of here?

By Brahmananda dasa In 1971 Prabhupada was having big public programs in India, and one evening an Arya Samajist challenged Prabhupada. He said, "Oh, Swamiji, you have come to India with your western chelas, but we know all these things. This is our cu... Feb 11, 2017

The Unseen Universe

By Yogeshvara Dasa As visitors to India travel north by car from Kolkata, the landscape gradually shifts from urban sprawl to pastoral farmland. High-rise housing and industrial construction sites give way to a flat horizon of villages and rice paddies... Feb 09, 2017

Husband as Guru

By Mahatma Das The husband as the guru of the wife is an interesting topic. Some men operate under the paradigm that since I am the guru of my wife, she is duty-bound to do anything I ask of her. I am not saying it is not the duty of the wife to submis... Feb 06, 2017