Playing Srila Prabhupada’s Tune

Parasuram das: Harinam Standards No.2 Srila Prabhupada requested us to have a dozen devotees on Harinam,2 mrdanga players,8 karatal players,1 melodious harmonium player and 1 tampora player. Now I wish to focus on the “melodious harmonium”,and the singing of the mahamantra.This is a tune...

Kulasekhara’ death and legacy

Bhargava das (ACBSP 1971): Recently I received notice of my old friend Kulashekara’s passing in Alachua. He was dear to Srila Prabhupad, gave him massages in London and made quite a number of devotees in Manchester. It took him many years to get around to translating the prayers to the

“Singin (Chanting;) in The Rain!”

Dharmatma Das: A smaller than usual but blissful group of devotees took to the streets of London in the pouring rain Last Saturday night to spread the glories of the Holy Name. Danavir Maharaja led a sweet and simple Kirtan the entire time. People are usually dour in the rain&...

Vaisanava Kripa: The sweet Nectar

Radhikakrpa devi dasi: The advancement in spiritual life as we all know is fully dependant on the mercy of the Vaisanavas. Therefore it’s natural for an unqualified devotee like me to crave for their mercy. One has to have dire thirst for the kripa of pure devotees and never ever

ISKCON Malacca (Malayasia) Boat festival

Lakshman Poddar: The ISKCON Malacca at Malayasia celebrated the boat festival on 27th July 2013. Significance of boat festival : The boat festival marks the symbolic event occurred between Radha and Krishna before 5000 years at Rajghat in River Yamuna. The Gopis often carried the milk products from ...

Euro Bustour Pt.1 England and Euro Bus Tour pt.2: France!

Euro Bustour Pt.1 England First album of of the Euro Bustour…featured in England! An exciting first week where the first 40 people are arriving from airports. We got a tour of the Manor from Kripamoya prabhu, sightseeing London with Nadia, Amal and Sita, and camping in Plymouth in the sweetPages: 1 2 3 4 5 6