Remembering Jagajivan Prabhu

By Guru Prasad Swami

Jagajivan Prabhu was the main person instrumental in opening Peru and Chile. He was a pioneer in some of, especially at that time, the most difficult countries in Latin America; extreme poverty and lack of education amongst the population in general. Even to travel around those areas is a great austerity. In the early and mid-seventies, he would travel by Morales Moralitos; buses full of people who bathed maybe once a month or less, packed in with some animals, sometimes hot, sometimes freezing cold in the passes that reach up to 15,000 feet altitude, with broken windows, winding through endless mountain curves. This was the norm for those who preached in those counties at that time. I first met Jagajivan Prabhu in New York, and then throughout Latin America, athough we usually saw each other in passing. He was always jovial, and took the hardships with pleasure. He helped and served in practically every South American country at some point in time.

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