Vaishnava: Devoid of fault finding, enviousness, pride, and blasphemy

By Romapada Swami

Tamala Krsna : What is the way to draw the line between the following three things: blasphemy, fault-finding, and calling a spade a spade? Prabhupada: A spade a spade... Just like I am saying that "What you are? You are small fig only." That is reality. And what is the other? Tamala Krsna : The other is fault-finding and... Prabhupada: Fault-finding, that is another fault, that... vranam icchanti, maksika vranam icchanti, madhum icchanti(?) Just like the flies, they are finding out where is sore, and the bees, they are finding out where there is honey. So two animals, they have got two business: fault-finding and collecting the good things. These are two... Just like creature. They are two classes. Similarly, there are many rascals who are simply fault-finding. Tamala Krsna : And blasphemy? Prabhupada: Blasphemy means you have good qualities, but still, I am defaming you.

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