Horoscope of the Supreme Lord Shri Chaitanya

By Patita Pavana das

Another fascinating aspect of Mahaprabhu’s chart is that Mercury—planet of communication, learning, literature, etc.—is debilitated in the house of death (the eighth). Shrila Prabhupada, who refused his college diploma, demonstrated that learning without Krishna consciousness is useless. And Mahaprabhu, after His meeting His spiritual master, went from the “wrangling Pandit Nimai” to an ecstatic bhakta who was simply absorbed in calling upon the sacred names of His Lord Shri Krishna, the mahamantra. This was a great shock to some pandits of Nabadwip who responded by ridiculing the Lord’s devotion (until one by one they fell under His sankirtan spell). Furthermore, whereas His followers have produced tens of thousands of volumes of sacred literature, Shriman Mahaprabhu produced only eight shlokas, the Sikshastaka verses. Technically, in Mahaprabhu’s chart, Mercury attains exaltation by the yoga called neecha-bhanga because Mercury is in an angle in relationship to the house lord Jupiter. As an example to us, the Lord demonstrated that learning is useless (as seen by a debilitated or neecha Mercury in the eighth) when it is not dovetailed into Krishna consciousness. And even one who is not learned by material standards must be considered the most intelligent and educated if he understands the science of devotional service

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