Gaura Purnima in Bali – Vigraha Pratistha 2017 (Album with…

Gaura Purnima in Bali - Vigraha Pratistha 2017 (Album with photos)
Celebrating the auspicious appearance day of Lord Caitanya, the devotees of the Sri Sri Jagannatha Gauranga Temple in Denpasar, the provincial capital of Bali, held an elaborate installation ceremony of large Gaura-Nitai and Jagannatha-Baladeva-Subhadra Deities. The festivities started on Friday, the 10th of March, with an “Adhivas” or opening ceremony. On Saturday, the ceremonial procedures were conducted by the Gurukula students from the Bhaktivedanta Academy in Mayapur, West Bengal, India. The “Sodhita Pancagavya Snanam”, “Netra Unmilanam”, and the “Vandapanam” ceremonies were conducted. These ceremonies include bathing the deity forms in healing and spiritually-charged substances such as milk, ghee, etc, and also physically waking Their Lordships from a bed of grains, and unveiling Their eyes for the very first time. H.H. Ramai Swami and H.H. Kavicandra Swami, GBCs for Indonesia, were present and attended the entire procession. On the full moon day of Gaura Purnima on Sunday, fire sacrifices were conducted, and a “Maha Abhishek” or a grand public bathing ceremony of the Deities enthused the hundreds of devotees. Kirtan led by the renowned H.G. Madhava prabhu and H.G. Radhika accompanied the ceremonies. His Grace Vishvambhara Dasa (Prof Drs I Ketut Widnya, MA.), the director of the Hindu Department of Indonesia’s Ministry of Religion took part in the festivities. The devotees staged performances such as a Balinese rendition of the pastime of Lord Caitanya with Chand Kazi. That same evening, a grand Gaura Arati brought the festivities to a close. We pray that the devotees of the Sri Sri Jagannatha Gauranga Temple will always be enthusiastic in their service to Their Lordships. Pictures taken by Aryo Agung.
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