View of TOVP from the Navadvip Bridge (Album with…

View of TOVP from the Navadvip Bridge (Album with photos)
Sadbhuja Das: For many years we were meditating how the Temple would look like from few kilometers away.
Here we can see photos from the other side of Navadvip, where the main bridge is, where it crosses the Ganga.
You can see the visibility of Navadvip and the big Temple. Also you can see the contrast of the landscape and the surrounding buildings around the Temple.
Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi is very large building, but compared to the height of the Main Temple it looks so small!
The Temple height is not completed yet. The Main Kalash is 65 feet height (around 20 meters).
And this Main Kalash is not even placed on top as yet, which will make the Temple look even higher.
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