Maha Harinama in Tel Aviv, Israel (Album with photos) Srila…

Maha Harinama in Tel Aviv, Israel (Album with photos)
Srila Prabhupada: If one does not know what is honesty, how can he be honest? But if you know what is honesty, then you can be honest. You must know the order of God. And if you follow that, then that is honesty. If I know that everything belongs to Krsna, I will not use anything without His permission. That is honesty. Even if you drink a glass of water without knowing to whom it belongs, you are a thief. So you may think, “I am honest,” but actually you are a thief. You must remember Krsna, “Oh Krsna, it is Your creation, so kindly allow me to drink.” Therefore a devotee always thinks of Krsna. In all activities he thinks, “Oh, it is Krsna’s.” This is honesty. So without Krsna consciousness everyone is a rascal, a thief, a rogue and a robber. From: Perfect Questions Perfect Answers
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