Until We Meet Again

By Indradyumna Swami

I'll never forget the wonderful reception the devotees gave you in Mayapura. They knew you were coming to the holy dhama to leave your body, and they rushed to greet you and express their appreciation for your years of service. Our car slowed to a snail's pace as everyone surged forward in a show of love. How proud I was of you! How grateful I was to Krsna for arranging such an acknowledgment of your service! Now you are gone, and the days of your association are no more. Your humor, which could light up the darkest day, is a distant memory. Your example as a dedicated disciple of our Guru Maharaja is no longer present for those of us less inclined in service. It's harder without you here to inspire us. It's difficult for your disciples, it's difficult for your Godbrothers, and it's difficult for the souls who would have benefited from your association had you stayed longer in this world. Your last words to me were, "Happy trails, until we meet again." Because you've gone ahead of me on the trail of serving our spiritual master, you'll once more be in a position to guide me. Ultimately, one goes where his heart takes him. Thus my heart goes out to you with the hope and expectation of seeing you again. I look forward to that day with great anticipation.

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